La County Emergency Scanner

La County Emergency Scanner. 

   #1 provider of La County Emergency Radio

Code 1 Acknowledge this Call
Code 2 Proceed Immediately with lights/without Siren
Code 3 Proceed Immediately with lights and Siren
Code 4 1o further assistance required
Code 5 Stakeout - Uniformed Officers stay away
Code 6 Out of Vehicle for Investigation
Code 7 Out of Service to eat
Code 8 Fire Alarm
Code 9 Answering ring-down
Code 10 Bomb Threat
Code 12 Patrol your District and report extent of damage
Code 13 Major Disaster Activation
Code 14 Resume normal Operation
Code 20 1otify 1ews Media to respond
Code 22 Restricted Radio Traffic
Code 30 Officer needs assistance - Emergency
Code 33 Emergency Traffic on Air - All units stand by
Code 43 TAC forces committed
Code 100 In position to intercept Suspect

For a full list of Police codes and abbreviations then click here

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